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Glasgow city in the UK boasts a rich cultural history along with a renowned world-famous University apart from its bustling and lively environment suitable for a perfect holiday in any season. Nestled in the attractive west-country lowlands, this city offers a wonderful natural setting with fine-looking landscapes. For all those tourists travelling from abroad, Glasgow


Sic as ye gie, sic wull ye get – you’ll get out of life as much as you put in. Travel to Edinburgh, a favorite European city of travelers to Scotland. Edinburgh is the second largest U.K. city, Europe’s sixth largest financial hub, seat of the Scottish Parliament and the capital city of Scotland. Edinburgh’s

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Britons love their holidays, and millions of us pack our suitcases to fly off to sunnier climes every year. But with tough economic times lots of people are choosing to tighten their belts and stay at home instead, exploring the amazing attractions the UK has to offer. People often forget about Scotland when thinking about

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Manchester airport is the UK’s third busiest airport, with 19,736,502 passengers passing through in 2012, with Gatwick and Heathrow only seeing greater volumes and, as such, it seems fairly fitting to take a look at just three available hotels in the close vicinity to the airport. Being the busiest UK based airport outside of London,

When you want to explore outside of the UK a walking holiday in Italy, a country blessed with an amazing variety of landscapes, is high on the wish list of enthusiastic walkers and hikers worldwide. With this article on walking in Italy we aim to give you a good idea of what Italy has to

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Get the Best Approach Getting back to nature can be a fantastic vacation for you and your family. Week end camping, long term camping can evoke your family to relationship as a unit. Think of the fun you will get doing things as a family: travelling, backpacking, and even setting up your promotional tentsforcamping.Camping sounds


Lancaster is really a vibrant but small city which has a wealth of historical past, starting lifestyle as a fort in. Now its cobbled roads are lined with, homes stuffed with lively shops, bars and eating places. Norman Lancaster Castle looks over the city from its substantial location on top of the mountain where the

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As much as we own modern cars we still want to have better ones. Due to the innovation and advancing technology new features are added to the new cars day in day out. These fantastic features make them efficient and easy to control and also eliminate costs. While everything is advancing there are other new features


Northumberland has the most castles of any county in England. The beautiful coast has many awesome cliffs and gold-sanded beaches. Northumberland is near the south of Scotland, in the Northeastern region of England. The most famous attraction there is Hadrian’s Wall. This two-thousand year old structure still stands, and is quite striking. There is also


For those who are considering visiting the south coast the city of Portsmouth is a must. The city offers visitors an extensive assortment of interests and is perfect for individuals, couples and families. There are many different places to sightsee, museums to tour and outdoor activities to enjoy. The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is a location

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Camping might be made significantly more charming when it is finished with the correct rigging. A warm dozing sack and thick sleeping cushion can make overnight stays more comfortable, yet Choosing the Correct Tentfor the employment is the key. They come in numerous shapes and sizes that are suitable for all reasons. Most littler and

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Nowadays, loose stones or diamonds are available in the market and have gained popularity among the buyers, which are those that have not been fixed into any kind of jewellery. The main benefit of such diamonds is that one can use them to create a desired design by getting them fitted into any metal type.

There are several shopping hubs in the world. People have taken advantage of these hubs to engage in different leisure activities. Leisure activities performed in prominent world shopping hubs include skating, theatres and cinema activities. This is apart from the major activity of buying and selling goods and services. There are people who travel from different

Conservatories are an excellent addition to your dream house. Especially, if you are living in a North European country where spending time in the sun is as coveted as buying your dream BMW then conservatories add an unmistakable allure to your house. A nicely built conservatory also increases the house value. Conservatories are extension to your

Tile floors are an extremely durable, long-term investment that should be regularly cared for to preserve both their appearance and value. In fact, according to many experts, (click here for more information), a well cared tile floor can last a lifetime. Jeff Calcamuggio in his article on Buildipedia (read a full article here) argues that


How to sell your property in Great Britain

There are potentially two major ways of selling your property in the UK and the process can take two or three months. You can sell via online using instant cash offers websites for example PropertyCashBuyers or you can use  an estate agent or by yourself via and attorney. In either case you must always sign a contract that binds both of you to the terms of the contract failure of which either party can seek legal recourse in a court of law for breach of contract or otherwise.If you decide to use and estate agent , make sure any person interested in buying must submit their offer through the agent.However, these contracts are never valid until both the buyer and the seller exchange contracts and agree to those terms in them.


Investments in New Property Around the UK is the Best Way to Alleviate the Housing Shortage

The housing market is one of the greatest barriers to progress in Britain today. “ - The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

For very many years, the pace of building new homes in the UK has been sluggish and this has made rent and house prices to rise.Everyone in the country today  agrees with the Prime Minister's assertion that housing has increasingly become unaffordable especially for the ordinary citizens who want to buy or rent houses for their families. Most of these folks who account for more than than 2.2 million spend more than a third of their income on housing leaving them with less money to spend on other basic needs.In many cases the effect has been many citizens struggling with mortgage.Many homes around the UK are bought with loans so changes in interest rates can affect the ability of families to afford new homes.

In February this year the UK government published a White Paper on Housing detailing the status of the housing market and its promise on how to deliver radical reforms that would increase supply.The British government did recognise that the  market was broken as a result of people not building enough homes over the last couple of decades.

The  housing problem has been cause by the construction industry that is too reliant on the big players who are small in number.Britain’s 10 largest house building firms build on a yearly basis approximately 60 percent of new homes.Housing associations have also not been left behind, they have contributed almost a third of properties built over the last five years.

It has also been caused by some of the local authorities inadequate planning for the houses they need. Over 40 percent of local planning authorities don't have plans that meet their projected household growth.At the end of January 2017, 34 planning authorities had not published a local plan for consultation despite having over twelve years to do so.The country needs at least 225,000 to 275,000 new houses in a year to keep the paace with the ever increasing population