3 Places That Are Unsafe for Immigrants

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In many parts of the world today, there is a lot of hostility meted against immigrants. A good number of countries face political, cultural and tribal unease, leading to conflicts. Whenever threatening events take place, not only the citizens but also immigrants of such a country suffer. Every year, different countries face these conflicts. This year, the following places have been hitting the headlines with various cases of discrimination and violence:

1.    Damascus, Syria

The government of Syria seems like it has gone to war with all those against it. Whether such people are citizens, immigrants or any other group, Syria is at war. Many people stranded in Damascus cannot find their way back home and most international flights to and from Syria have been cancelled. If you are planning on leaving your home for Damascus, take a keen note of all the happenings in Syria this year before making a rushed decision.

2.     Cairo, Egypt

With the spring of the Arab uprising, Egypt has also followed the ways of Tunisia and Libya against the authorities. There has been a lot of hostility along religious boundaries in the city of Cairo and many other places in Egypt. Immigrants do not feel at ease there any longer as anything could happen to them at any time. Right now, it is not clear what the future holds for Egypt. Therefore, if you are planning on visit there, you may as well want to wait for a little bit longer before packing your bags.

3.    Johannesburg, South Africa

Just as it has been for many years, Johannesburg is still a crime capital in Africa. There has been a lot of violence against immigrants who are seen as “job-snatchers” by the locals. Cases of discrimination, murder, kidnappings and many others are being reported every month to the authorities.

4.    Kabul, Afghanistan

Since the beginning of this millennium, there has been a constant conflict between the Islamist terrorists and the government of Afghanistan. Many terror attacks are targeting foreign workers and UN officials, women and children. It is not a rare thing to hear a bomb blast every now and then in the city. People from America and Europe are highly targeted due to the heavy presence of these army personnel in the Afghanistan from these countries. One cannot tell which places are safe in Afghanistan and there is thus fear and uncertainty. Just be careful when in Afghanistan.

5.    Baghdad, Iraq

Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, there has been a lot of unrest in Iraq. Numerous cases of suicide bomb attacks have been reported this year, targeted at government and foreign officials. Also, be careful all the time you go to Iraq, or rather stay back till it is safe enough.

Over the years, the UK, United States of America, Japan and some European countries have become home to many people from all over the world. US is the most diverse country on the planet, and where you find people from every other nation in one place. All this has been made possible by the immigration laws that protect all citizens inclusive of immigrants to reduce cases of violence and hostility witnessed in other parts of the world. USA is one of the safest places to be in the world this year, according to various reports. An immigrant will only need to apply and get a green card for them to work and stay in this “Land of Opportunities”.