5 biggest Shopping Hubs in the World

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There are several shopping hubs in the world. People have taken advantage of these hubs to engage in different leisure activities. Leisure activities performed in prominent world shopping hubs include skating, theatres and cinema activities. This is apart from the major activity of buying and selling goods and services. There are people who travel from different parts of the world to the specific places where the shopping hubs are located, not to shop, but as tourists. Shopping hubs are many in the world but in this article there is a description of 5 biggest shopping hubs in the world.

1. New South China mall shopping hub:

This is the largest shopping hub in the world considering its area. It covers around 7,100,000 square feet. It started operating in the year 2005 .It is located in Dongguan city. Dongguan city is found in south China .The architecture of the shopping hub is made in such a way that it models different cultures and cities found in different regions of the world. The hub is less occupied due to its inaccessibility. The inaccessibility is caused by lack of big airport or a big highway nearby. The shopping hub is divided into Districts such as Venice District, Amsterdam District and Caribbean District.

2. The Dubai Mall shopping hub:

It is one of the greatest and biggest shopping hub in the world. Dubai mall is considered the city of shopping centres. Due to this property of Dubai it attracts many people from different places of the world who travel to Dubai yearly for the purpose of shopping. It has an area of 12,000,000, square feet. The Dubai mall has 1,200 shops completely filled with merchandise. The shopping hub has 220 gold shops. This attracts people greatly. Another attraction in the Mall is the huge aquarium with different marine life .The mall has residential area for distant shoppers and cinemas for recreation.

3 .The Golden Resource Mall shopping hub:

It is found in the People’s Republic of China. The shopping hub has more than one thousand stores. The total area of the mall is about 7.3 million square feet. The mall is in Beijing in the fourth ring road. It is located outside the city centre. The mall is well utilized by the big population of China. Taking into account its area it is ranked the second in the world. Has almost one thousand shops and still others are under construction.

4 .West Edmonton Mall:

This is located in North America in Canada. It forms the biggest shopping hub in the North America. It started operating in the year 1981. It has facilities such as hotel, restaurants and wave pools .It employs more than 23,000 employees and receives more than 28 million visitors annually. Besides offering merchandise services it is a great recreational centre.

5. SM Mall of Asia shopping hub:

It was inaugurated in the year 2006. It is found in Philippines forming the biggest shopping hub in Philippines. It has recreational facilities such as ice skating ring, cinemas and science discovery centre. It has an area of 407,000 square meters. It forms attraction to travellers apart from people shopping.