5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Home Dust-Free

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A dust-free home is pretty important if people in the home are suffering from allergies. Dust is everything which is air borne and comes into our homes. It is inescapable. It is composed of skin cells, mites, spores, smoke ash, decomposing particles of bug and fabric bits. These are all irritants to your nose, eyes and throat. Hence, it is pretty essential to keep your home dust-free. Here are some effective tips to keep your home a dust-free one.

Nab the dust:

Dust uses electrostatic cloth or microfiber consistently as a mean to enter your home. They just attract duct as a magnet. Take the help of dusters of microfiber with extendable hands to clean the hard to reach areas like ceiling fans, blinds etc. You can also use a microfiber dust mop weekly or daily to make your wood floor dust free. To clean tile floors make the use of damp mop.

Vacuum frequently:

After you have seized the visible dust, with the help of vacuum cleaner pick the dust from building and keep in a stray dust bunny. Make sure that you have vacuumed your carpets, floor, draperies and upholstered furniture many times a month. Never forget to clean the vacuum canister. Often change the bag. By wiping several times a week, you can make your appliances and countertops dust-free.

Clear clutter and simplify:

Always remember, more the stuff, more will be the dust. You can avoid accumulation of dust by donating any unused stuff like furniture, utensils or toys to a nearby charity or church. You can keep your shoes, prized artwork and purses in a glass box or plastic bin to avoid accumulation of dust. To limit shedding of clothes in vacuum bags never forget to zip up.

Relocate bedding weekly:

Your lovely bed is a reservoir of dust. It collects our skin flakes, its own fibres and makes it dirty whenever you roll over. To minimise the dust wash your pillow covers and bed sheets regularly. Cloths which are not washable in machines do not require weekly trips to dry cleaners. By shaking blankets and bed sheets you can spank some dust of them. But to ensure thorough cleaning, dry clean or wash them. Even dust accumulates below your bed. Change the position of your bedding weekly.

Keep closet floors clear:

Closets are the rich sources of dust, tiny fibres from towels, beds and cloths. Whenever you open the door, you are inviting an invisible storm of dust inside. You can resist clothes from shedding, but the only thing you can do is make your closets easier to clean. Enclose the clothes which you do not wear frequently. Don’t just spread dust around.

You can follow all these useful tips to make your home dust free. You can also get rid of allergies.