5 Unbelievable Features of Future Cars

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As much as we own modern cars we still want to have better ones. Due to the innovation and advancing technology new features are added to the new cars day in day out. These fantastic features make them efficient and easy to control and also eliminate costs. While everything is advancing there are other new features we expect cars to have in the near future. Check on these five Unbelievable Features of Future Cars:

App Center

This is the most fascinating feature it can exist. Nowadays, everyone owns a smart phone which definitely has an app centre, now imagine an app centre in your car. From the driver’s seat you can easily download apps including apps that change lighting in your car, radio applications such as Pandora or I Heart Radio and games apps for your passengers. This can be so awesome because it’s the coolest idea. Just imagine travelling on a road trip while at the same time downloading some family feud applications via the car’s LED screen.

Gaze Control

You can imagine of a technology whereby you can change the temperature or the radio station of your car without using your hands, that’s so amazing! Gaze control feature, uses a windshield in which the controls would appear on, and your car would recognize, and then you can select a concise action you need to perform. This might be your thinking, “This can’t work”. Apparently, this feature is currently under testing.

Accident Avoidance 

Accident avoidance is a feature that enables your car to avoid virtually all accidents. Some modern cars produce some beep sound when someone is in blind spot or when it’s close to an obstacle. Therefore accident avoidance is not so far from the latter; hence we will get rid of almost all accidents soon. This technology include car signalling in presence of an obstacle ahead, car breaking itself when it senses a potential contact, night camera on the dash, and the car can automatically regulate settings and speed according to weather, road etc.

Self-Driving Mode

Driverless cars! It’s absolutely super cool. Definitely, you might have not expected driving to be lazier than this. All will be well, just set your destination then click on a button and sit back as you relax and your car drives you. You may think its unsafe invention and it will never happen, but the reality is Google technologies are working on it and chances are high that it will be implemented soon. It can be a good think since there will be no more issues such as accidents caused by drunk driving.

Flying Cars

I just have to include this idea. No matter how long this will take, everyone must have thought of this. Perhaps this happens in movies. Unfortunately, it’s a serious idea since a lot has to be accounted for. Safety issues needs to be smoothed out, designing and outlining of “skyways” needs to be done and many others.

There is a lot of curiosity as these things gradually come to pass. It’s obvious that changes are inevitable but the fun is when you imagine what these changes will be. Finally as you wait all these unbelievable features ensure you have done some basic preliminaries like taking your dsa driving test.