8 Great Mayonnaise Ideas From Around The World

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Mayonnaise has been around for years and is one of the UK’s best loved condiments and ingredients.  We love it with salads, in sandwiches, on the side and mixed with other delicious ingredients to create magnificent taste sensations that we return to time and time again.

So versatile is mayonnaise that it comes in a multitude of different varieties including flavoured mayonnaise, low fat mayonnaise and more recently, varieties made from healthy rapeseed oil.

Let’s delve into the versatility of mayonnaise a little more by exploring mayonnaise around the world and the various dishes it has helped to perk and spice up.

1.  Seafood Sauce

Who doesn’t like seafood sauce?  Mixed with fat juicy prawns or used as a dip, seafood sauce wouldn’t be where it was today without a generous helping of delicious mayonnaise.  This sauce is the base ingredient of the good old prawn cocktail and can also be used with lobster and other shellfish.  There are many wholesale mayonnaise varieties and you can even make up your own by mixing together mayonnaise, tomato sauce and a little lemon juice.

2.  Coronation Chicken Sauce

Originally devised to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, coronation sauce has become a firm British favourite over the years.  Combining a mild curry flavour with mayonnaise, sultanas and sometimes almonds, coronation chicken is traditionally mixed with chopped chicken to create a salad accompaniment, vol au vent or finger roll filling.  It is also delicious on jacket potatoes.

3.   Pesto Mayonnaise

If you love pesto, you will love pesto mayonnaise.  It’s great on pasta, in salads or mixed with chicken or Mediterranean vegetables and popped into a wrap or pita bread.  Some leading mayonnaise companies are creating flavoured mayonnaise ranges, and pesto features high on the list.  Featuring a mixture of good quality mayonnaise, pine nuts, parmesan and basil, pesto mayonnaise adds a twist to bland dishes and adds a taste of Italy…instantly!

4.  Tikka Mayonnaise

Many people believe that chicken tikka is a traditional Indian recipe, but in fact its origins may be a little closer to home.  Some believe the dish was invented in Birmingham or Bradford whilst others think it was developed in a secret kitchen by a top supermarket.  Whatever you believe, tikka makes one hell of a mayonnaise and more and more mayonnaise companies are cottoning on to this fact by releasing some tasty and versatile products.  Mixed with chicken it makes a wonderful filling for wraps, pita breads and chapatis and it’s also great on top of a jacket potato.

5.  Mustard Mayonnaise

If you ever fancy mayonnaise with a kick, why not try mustard mayonnaise?  Mixed with traditional English for a real spark or the more mellow tones of French mustard, this variety of mayonnaise is sure to be a winner.  It’s great on picnics with sausage rolls, cold sausages, chicken drumsticks and in sandwiches and is also great mixed into new potatoes for a potato salad with a twist.

6.  Garlic Mayonnaise

Garlic adds its unique flavour to mayonnaise so well and garlic mayonnaise is one of the best partnerships in the condiment world.  Mixed into mashed potato or used as a dip for chips, this is one condiment you won’t mind getting garlic breath for!  Whether you are looking for wholesale mayonnaise or looking to make your own version, there are many great recipes available and so many uses for this versatile ingredient and table sauce.  It’s also great used as a crudités dip.

7.  Caesar Mayonnaise

There are so many takes on the traditional Caesar salad, but one ingredient holds true – Caesar mayonnaise.  Chicken and prawns either coated in breadcrumbs or au naturel are the traditional partners to romaine salad leaves, parmesan shavings and Caesar salad and it’s a dish that we have taken to our hearts here in the UK.  Speaking of hearts, did you know that mayonnaise is not as bad for you as you might imagine?  When made with rapeseed oil it is packed full of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and is just bursting with omega fatty acids and vitamin E.

8.  Low Fat Mayonnaise

Okay, so low fat is not exactly a flavour from around the world, but the whole world seems to be watching its weight right now.  Low fat varieties of mayonnaise have been launched by some innovative mayonnaise companies and with good reason.  The health conscious people of the planet are always looking for a low calorie and low fat alternative so that they can go on enjoying the things in life that taste good.  Low fat mayonnaise does exactly that and contains significantly less calories and saturated fats.

Mayonnaise – The King Of The Condiment World

These are just some of the great things mayonnaise has given us over the years.It really is one of the most versatile ingredients and it is easy to see why so many mayonnaise companies continue to thrive today. Why not try out one of the flavoured wholesale sauces brands on the market today or attempt to whip up your own great creations at home?