A Complete Guide to Wedding Fashion

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Summer is here at last and it is officially wedding season. The arrival of the sun brings with it numerous wedding invitations which spark the great ‘what are you going to wear?’ debate. If you’re going to a wedding this summer, let this complete guide to wedding fashion help you choose the perfect outfit for the special day.

Consider the style of the wedding

There is a mass of diversity between the weddings of today, from traditional church ceremonies and country house celebrations to more informal bohemian gatherings and exotic beach services. Take in the location (and climate!) of the wedding as inspiration for your outfit. For a beach wedding you can probably get away with strappy sandals and light linen, whereas a church service will require more formal attire. There are always invitations that stipulate a particular dress code, and some might provide suggestions of offer a theme.

For formal weddings, gents can’t go wrong with a slick, smart suit and ladies look lovely in pastel coloured dresses or skirt suits. You can always accessorise with an elegant hat or fascinator. Men can’t go wrong with clothing like a Jasper Littman tailored suit with coordinated ties and pocket squares. A safe bet for ladies is an on-or below-the-knee design with a respectable neckline. For black tie weddings, men might be advised to go for a top and tails or tuxedo, whereas ladies should choose elegant, long gowns.

If your invitation suggests a more informal setting, lighter materials and more relaxed fits are great ways to look smart without overdoing it. Men are able to swap their structured suits for linen ones or even chinos with a shirt and tie. Ladies could go for casual maxi or midi dresses or skirts. These ideas should also be considered for weddings taking place in hotter countries, so you can still look dashing whilst feeling comfortable in the heat.

Themed weddings

Themed weddings are not always to everyone’s taste, you either love them or you hate them. But if you are required to dress up in a certain style, you don’t want to be the odd one out if you choose not to. If you’re comfortable going all out, then go for it! But if you feel slightly more reserved, try adding a few little touches to a less obvious outfit to pay homage to the theme. For example, if you’re not keen on the idea of coming dressed head to toe as the Queen of Hearts to your cousin’s Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, why not dress in the Queen’s infamous red and black colour scheme and wear heart-shaped jewellery for a more subtle approach?

Be unique

Although you don’t want to outshine the bride, it’s always nice to make your outfit stand out a little bit and avoid the awkward moment when you arrive wearing the exact same outfit as someone else. Try to shop in independent boutiques or customise your outfit to give it a personal stamp. Accessories are your best friend and you can use them to add a little sparkle to a fairly plain outfit.

Accessorise to help you recycle!

Weddings are like buses, you don’t go to any for ages and then three come at once! If you’re faced with the ‘how am I going to afford 5 weddings in two months’ dilemma, rest assured that you don’t necessarily need to buy a separate outfit for each one. Accessories can actually transform an outfit when used correctly. Men who only own one suit can simply swap shirts, ties and pocket squares for each wedding and nobody will even notice the fashion repeat. Ladies can switch bags, jewellery, hats and shoes and vary hair and make-up styles for a fresh new look each time. Crisis averted – you’ll look different in all the photos!