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Nowadays, loose stones or diamonds are available in the market and have gained popularity among the buyers, which are those that have not been fixed into any kind of jewellery. The main benefit of such diamonds is that one can use them to create a desired design by getting them fitted into any metal type. Among all other gemstones, a loose diamondis the most versatile type and is available in a variety of different styles.

The Four C’s

If you plan to buy a diamond, then you must keep an eye on the 4 C’s as listed below to make a better selection.

·         Cut:This feature is not linked to the shape, rather refers to the angle of cutting the stone, so as to make the diamond provide the maximum brilliance.

·         Clarity:This feature is related to the size of the inclusions available in or added to the stone, where it is advised to pick up the one with lesser inclusions.

·         Carat:This term deal with the weight, measurement or the size of the diamond.

·         Colour:A diamond is said to be better, if it reflects the pure white or no colour, where a colourless one is expensive as well as rare.

Small Diamonds

While shopping for diamonds for your jewellery, the best way to get a better one is to buy smaller ones. One must check with the dealer and ask for a 10X loupe to examine the stone closely. These are available in many different shapes and sizes, where some of the common shapes include heart, emerald, round, princess, oval, baguette, marquise, radiant and brilliant. Small diamonds are common among designers and manufacturers of diamond watches, jewellery, embellish purses and shoes. A loose diamond can be set into several different items that make it an exclusive as well as an expensive item.

Certified Diamonds

There are several organizations available that carry on the testing and examination of different diamonds available in the market to provide a testament of their quality and grade. These tests are performed by trained and proficient gemologists that issue a diamond certificate for each tested stone. This certificate contains details about the cut, quality and exact weight, measurement along with the characteristics, inclusions and flaws of a diamond.

Diamonds are available in both physical as well as online stores, but it is advisable to have a glance over the actual stone before placing an order. Also, ask for a grading certificate before finalizing the deal to know about its quality and characteristics in detail.

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There are several shopping hubs in the world. People have taken advantage of these hubs to engage in different leisure activities. Leisure activities performed in prominent world shopping hubs include skating, theatres and cinema activities. This is apart from the major activity of buying and selling goods and services. There are people who travel from different parts of the world to the specific places where the shopping hubs are located, not to shop, but as tourists. Shopping hubs are many in the world but in this article there is a description of 5 biggest shopping hubs in the world.

1. New South China mall shopping hub:

This is the largest shopping hub in the world considering its area. It covers around 7,100,000 square feet. It started operating in the year 2005 .It is located in Dongguan city. Dongguan city is found in south China .The architecture of the shopping hub is made in such a way that it models different cultures and cities found in different regions of the world. The hub is less occupied due to its inaccessibility. The inaccessibility is caused by lack of big airport or a big highway nearby. The shopping hub is divided into Districts such as Venice District, Amsterdam District and Caribbean District.

2. The Dubai Mall shopping hub:

It is one of the greatest and biggest shopping hub in the world. Dubai mall is considered the city of shopping centres. Due to this property of Dubai it attracts many people from different places of the world who travel to Dubai yearly for the purpose of shopping. It has an area of 12,000,000, square feet. The Dubai mall has 1,200 shops completely filled with merchandise. The shopping hub has 220 gold shops. This attracts people greatly. Another attraction in the Mall is the huge aquarium with different marine life .The mall has residential area for distant shoppers and cinemas for recreation.

3 .The Golden Resource Mall shopping hub:

It is found in the People’s Republic of China. The shopping hub has more than one thousand stores. The total area of the mall is about 7.3 million square feet. The mall is in Beijing in the fourth ring road. It is located outside the city centre. The mall is well utilized by the big population of China. Taking into account its area it is ranked the second in the world. Has almost one thousand shops and still others are under construction.

4 .West Edmonton Mall:

This is located in North America in Canada. It forms the biggest shopping hub in the North America. It started operating in the year 1981. It has facilities such as hotel, restaurants and wave pools .It employs more than 23,000 employees and receives more than 28 million visitors annually. Besides offering merchandise services it is a great recreational centre.

5. SM Mall of Asia shopping hub:

It was inaugurated in the year 2006. It is found in Philippines forming the biggest shopping hub in Philippines. It has recreational facilities such as ice skating ring, cinemas and science discovery centre. It has an area of 407,000 square meters. It forms attraction to travellers apart from people shopping.

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Conservatories are an excellent addition to your dream house. Especially, if you are living in a North European country where spending time in the sun is as coveted as buying your dream BMW then conservatories add an unmistakable allure to your house. A nicely built conservatory also increases the house value.

Conservatories are extension to your home built separately keeping in mind the natural view in front of the main building. In general people decorate the interior of conservatories with sofas and couches as well as some plantation. Besides enhancing the beauty of your house, conservatories can provide you extra space for comfortable living as rules and regulations in building conventional houses are quite harsh and expensive too. But as conservatories use regular building materials, there will be little concerns for rules and regulations to be followed.

Conservatories also increase the valuation of your home as it increases the carpet area of your building. One of the main pros, of conservatories is that they have a low maintenance cost being immune to sudden weather changes. They are quite protective too. You can sit inside a conservatory and enjoy heat wave or rainstorm without experiencing the harsh effects.

Depending on covers, conservatories can provide you warmth in summer without any worry of being sun burnt or having a heatstroke etc. You can have a party with your friends without worrying about damage to your carpet or your furniture if you arrange it in your conservatory. One of the greatest advantage of constructing conservatories is that it is neither too expensive nor need any expert skills of designing and engineering as required in building conventional houses. There are incidents where people have constructed conservatories of their own.

Heavy-duty glass is available nowadays especially for constructing conservatories. You can either make it airtight by keeping the windshields immovable or may opt for fresh air by using movable wooden frames. The way you would like to design the interior depend on the place or region you live in owing to varying taste of people living in different places.

Though conservatories are still a monopoly in the North-European countries such as in UK and in the northern parts of North-America, they may soon be part of the buildings of many wealthy people all around the world owing to their vivid advantages and beauty enhancing properties. If you have decided to build one all you have to do is to get touch with the local tradesman for an quote as they are the best people to advise you on constructing a conservatory in your property.

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Tile floors are an extremely durable, long-term investment that should be regularly cared for to preserve both their appearance and value. In fact, according to many experts, (click here for more information), a well cared tile floor can last a lifetime.

Jeff Calcamuggio in his article on Buildipedia (read a full article here) argues that the best way to care for a tile floor is to sweep a tile floor regularly. Dirt can adhere to the surface of tile, particularly styles with a textured surface. And according to Jeff, regular sweeping loosens and removes most of this dirt. So keep on sweeping! Also, don’t forget labour saving devices. Feel free to use a vacuum cleaner, but be sure it’s one without a beater bar, to avoid dulling and scratching the tiles.

Also, according to a recent article on Channel4, available here, the attachments that accompany vacuum cleaners are useful to collect dirt along edges or in between tiles.  Be sure to use walk-off mats to minimize and contain dirt being tracked in at entryways. And shake them out often. This reduces the amount of dirt being tracked across the tile floor, and reduces the wear to the finished surface.

Another great way to keep your tiles clean is to damp-mop them regularly using the manufacturer’s recommended grout and tile cleaners. For heavier soil, spot clean the floor with a sponge or clean cloth using the optional cleaners. After that, rinse well and wipe dry for more shine. Textured tiles may require mild scrubbing with a soft brush or electric polisher or scrubber.After cleaning with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water to help remove any leftover residue.

In summary, for more maintenance information specific to your tile flooring, remember to contact the tile’s manufacturer. And don’t forget that the regular care and maintenance will help your tile looking new for years to come, and will keep your home cosy for your family and friends.

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While department stores are the perfect places to shop for groceries, some larger department stores also stock up on mattresses in order to increase the diversity being offered up for sale at the outlet. This is obviously done to attract customers and while it may be a successful strategy in some ways, a lot of people believe that department stores may not be the best place to shop for the perfect mattress. However, there is still a lot of debate on this topic and nothing is conclusive.

First and foremost, one needs to know what type of a mattress would the typical department store stock up on. The answer to that is pretty obvious – a department store would try and stock up on all the important brands available in the market and they will try and increase the diversity or variety available in the store. Of course, the most important brands will all be available in abundance and the chances are that all the different variations under all the brand names will also be put up for sale. However, the department store might not stock up on the smaller brands because that would require a lot of research and investigation to ensure that only the very best of these smaller brands are made available. However, while the larger department stores may make an effort to stock up on the smaller sellers, it is likely that the smaller department stores will not do so (since they might not be able to afford it.)

Moving on, department stores – especially the larger ones – are more likely to offer good discounts to customers since they tend to buy in bulk and can afford the occasional promotional discount that is offered above the already reduced sales price of the mattress. The smaller ones, however, may not be able to afford a bigger discount as they do not usually buy in bulk, despite popular belief. There are some department stores, contrarily, who do not sell mattresses at all and thus do not have to worry about all the hassle!

Now, one has to see how good the sales staff will be when it comes to the mattress department. Nearly eighty to ninety percent chances are that the sales staff will have little to no knowledge about the brands and types being sold since department store sales staff are usually local recruits that take up part time jobs to pass the summer. A great many of them would be summer interns with no interest in what they are doing. The larger department stores may try and invest some time in trying to instill knowledge but even that will not prove to be too helpful for the customers.

So, one can easily conclude that department stores are not the ideal places to shop for mattresses as they do not offer expert opinion (especially if the mattress is required for health reasons) without which a lot can go wrong. It is better it people choose to buy their mattress from specialty shops that can offer professional help.