Garden Designing Tips

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Gardens are one of the most important parts of the surroundings of any home. In big cities, gardens are the part and parcel of every home. Every home owner would like to have a beautiful garden in front of his home. Let us see some tips for designing a beautiful garden.

1) Select the best of the trees and plants: Not all trees and plants are suited for planting in gardens. There are many different types of trees like sandalwood, Sal, teak and deodar etc. But they are not fit for growing in gardens. They are fit to grow only in big forests. There are many small flowering trees which are fit for growing in gardens. There are flowering plants like rose, lotus, jasmine and many other plants. Apart from increasing the beauty of gardens, they also help in making the environment more pleasurable by the fragrance of flowers that they spread all over the park.

2) Use solar lightings as much as possible. Solar energy is the most widely used renewable energy these days. Solar cells are quite costly and hence using solar energy in gardens is not easy. But still you can do it with minimum expenses by using some of the cheap and best solar equipment which are available in the market. Nowadays, solar equipment are not as much costly as they were in the earlier days. You can use them in your gardens and thereby reduce the dependence on electricity to a great extent.

3) Make arrangements for water supply. Water supply is one thing that every garden should have to maintain it in the best way. Without water, no plant can grow well and they will wither soon. If there is a natural pond in the garden, that is well and good. If there is no such pond in the garden, then you have to make some alternative arrangements for it. You have to start rain water harvesting during rainy season and that will help you to provide water to the crops all-round the year.

4) Don’t use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in your garden. These are the two dreadful poisons that human beings have ever invented. They destroy the soil completely and within a few years of time, soil will turn out to be poisonous. Instead, there are a number of natural fertilizers like compost, cow dung, dried litter, dead and decaying plant and animal matter etc. and as far as pesticides and insecticides are concerned, spiders, frogs, various kinds of lizards, snakes and owls can do the job perfectly, without harming the human beings.

5) Another important tip for making your garden beautiful is allowing as much birds and butterflies enter into your garden as possible. The beauty of any garden can be increased by butterflies and birds. There are many beautiful butterflies belonging to different families like Papilionidae, Nymphalidae and Lycanidae etc. along with them, birds like king fisher, wood pecker, geese, ducks, sparrows, pigeons and many other wonderful birds make the garden look beautiful.