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Glasgow city in the UK boasts a rich cultural history along with a renowned world-famous University apart from its bustling and lively environment suitable for a perfect holiday in any season. Nestled in the attractive west-country lowlands, this city offers a wonderful natural setting with fine-looking landscapes.

For all those tourists travelling from abroad, Glasgow offers various types of transport service including air, rail and road. Hence, you can either fly or drive through numerous Scottish main roads to reach this city. Even the city of Glasgow is also served by an excellent public transport system.

Glasgow was awarded with the title of European City of Culture a decade ago. Certainly, you will be thrilled with the architectural designs in the old mansions standing unscathed since many centuries. Thousands of onlookers accolade the marvellous architecture and designs in this city. Even the innovative work by the recent groups of contemporary architects is appreciable. These designs still maintain the legacy of the designs created by those esteemed designers in the past.

The city offers wonderful accommodation facilities with a number of budget-friendly and luxurious star hotels and resorts. You can also look for several best deals by browsing through internet. Even, there are plenty of sites offering discount coupons for shopping and travel. If you are looking for some luxury shopping goods, then try the popular Saint Jude’s on Bath Street. Apart from that, the city has numerous fashionable and stylish malls perfect for buying some souvenirs for your loved ones.

Don?t forget to check out the city’s coolest range of cocktail bars. Glasgow has beautiful settings for a fine dining experience; with a friendly atmosphere and fabulous choices of restaurants, Glasgow has a chain of restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines and drinks with lively local musicians performing informal renditions at some spots exclusively for the guests.

Glasgow also boasts a wonderful and pulsating nightlife. With a chain of finest pubs and nightclubs the city appears more vibrant and gorgeous after the dusk. With a chain of award winning restaurants serving assorted varieties of Scottish grill dishes for dinner and even delicious flavourful French toast served with maple syrup and bacon for breakfast, the city manages to delight everyone?s taste buds.