Helpful Guide to Loose Stones and Diamonds for Prospective Buyers

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Nowadays, loose stones or diamonds are available in the market and have gained popularity among the buyers, which are those that have not been fixed into any kind of jewellery. The main benefit of such diamonds is that one can use them to create a desired design by getting them fitted into any metal type. Among all other gemstones, a loose diamondis the most versatile type and is available in a variety of different styles.

The Four C’s

If you plan to buy a diamond, then you must keep an eye on the 4 C’s as listed below to make a better selection.

·         Cut:This feature is not linked to the shape, rather refers to the angle of cutting the stone, so as to make the diamond provide the maximum brilliance.

·         Clarity:This feature is related to the size of the inclusions available in or added to the stone, where it is advised to pick up the one with lesser inclusions.

·         Carat:This term deal with the weight, measurement or the size of the diamond.

·         Colour:A diamond is said to be better, if it reflects the pure white or no colour, where a colourless one is expensive as well as rare.

Small Diamonds

While shopping for diamonds for your jewellery, the best way to get a better one is to buy smaller ones. One must check with the dealer and ask for a 10X loupe to examine the stone closely. These are available in many different shapes and sizes, where some of the common shapes include heart, emerald, round, princess, oval, baguette, marquise, radiant and brilliant. Small diamonds are common among designers and manufacturers of diamond watches, jewellery, embellish purses and shoes. A loose diamond can be set into several different items that make it an exclusive as well as an expensive item.

Certified Diamonds

There are several organizations available that carry on the testing and examination of different diamonds available in the market to provide a testament of their quality and grade. These tests are performed by trained and proficient gemologists that issue a diamond certificate for each tested stone. This certificate contains details about the cut, quality and exact weight, measurement along with the characteristics, inclusions and flaws of a diamond.

Diamonds are available in both physical as well as online stores, but it is advisable to have a glance over the actual stone before placing an order. Also, ask for a grading certificate before finalizing the deal to know about its quality and characteristics in detail.