Motorbikes – The Best Way to Travel in Belfast Traffic?

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Nowadays, in most of the crowded cities across the world, people search for various means of transportation in order to avoid being stuck in traffic. Belfast makes no exception. The traffic here is growing more and heavier each year. Thus, some of the Belfast residents have started to use bicycles, some to walk as much as possible, some to use the public transportation, while others prefer motorbikes, because they offer the opportunity for lane splitting.

Even if this means no more waiting in so many lines, are motorbikes the best way to travel in Belfast traffic?

Some would say that it’s definitely not, while others more daring do it every day.However, Belfast is not the friendliest city for motorcycles. The number of accidents in which motorbikes are involved increases each year. Most of these happen because bikers are often careless and split lanes when they shouldn’t or because the car driver simply didn’t see the motorbike. The worst part of this is that motorbikes accidents are also the ones that produce the most victims. The reason is, once again, very simple: the motorcycle drivers have no real protection other than the helmet. In most cases, they get thrown hundreds of meters away from the bike or, even worse, they get crushed under the bike.
Yet, these are people who love adrenaline and wouldn’t give up their bike for nothing in the world. Just imagine what would happen if you were to offer the bus Eirann phone number to a biker as an opportunity to choose an alternative means of transportation.

Still, irrespective of how much you love riding, the question of whether motorbikes are the best way to travel in Belfast traffic still pops to mind from time to time. You take a look at the statistics and perhaps you reconsider using the bus Eirann phone number. Not to mention that public transportation is much cheaper. Moreover, it is “green”. Riding the bus saves you money and saves the city from a great deal of pollution, thus making it a better place for you to live in.

Furthermore, the public transportation in Belfast is very good, so you don’t have to worry about being late for work. They say that a civilised city is the one in which the wealthy people don’t use cars, but public transportation. In fact, no one said that you should only use buses as a means of transportation. There is no reason for letting your awesome bike rust, but perhaps you shouldn’t use it daily. Riding the bus will help you get to work more relaxed, because you don’t have to ride in the morning traffic. Thus, you can save your motorbike rides for when you can truly enjoy them: late evenings or weekends, when the streets and highways are free and you don’t have to watch out for every car that drives by you. Just give it a shot, use the bus Eirann phone number to help you plan the best route for going to work. After a week, you will be surprised of how much money you saved and how much more relaxed you feel.