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Northumberland has the most castles of any county in England. The beautiful coast has many awesome cliffs and gold-sanded beaches. Northumberland is near the south of Scotland, in the Northeastern region of England.

The most famous attraction there is Hadrian’s Wall. This two-thousand year old structure still stands, and is quite striking. There is also many more historical sites all over the county, including ancient carvings and signs of the beginnings of Christianity.

Two of the most well-known castles are Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh Castles. Both of these castles’ beauty is enhanced by the fact that they are located on cliffs overlooking the beach. Visit these two first if you are a castle-lover.

Many people come to Northumberland just to see the amazing gardens and huge houses. Some of these gardens include the gardens at Howick Hall and Cragside Estate. The most famous of all, though, is The Alnwick Garden, which many believe to be the best modern garden in the UK.

There is the possibility that you could be in Northumberland during a period of rain, as there is a lot of rain there. If this happens to you, there are many museums to take up your time. There are a lot of attractions and small museums along Hadrian’s Wall and in the numerous castles dotting the countryside. One of the best museums in Northumberland is the Woodhorn Museum, which tells the history of the area, from mining to tons of other constantly updated exhibits.

If you are into a relaxing time, with natural beauty all around you, you really need to check out the Northumberland countryside. Here you will find not just a beautiful landscape, but also multiple activities such as fishing, walking, hiking and animals in their natural habitats. For a relaxing and informative vacation, Northumberland will be a wonderful trip that you will remember forever.