Peak District

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When going to the United Kingdom for vacation consider traveling to the very first national park located on the British Isles. The Peak District National Park has been welcoming visitors since 1951 and spans the greater part of Derbyshire. It is easy to reach being close to the railway and roadway.

The Peak District is separated into two halves. One being the gritstone laden Dark Peak and the other being the limestone laden White Peak; each deriving its name from the stone lying in and around the area. The natural springs located in Buxton and Ashbourne are great sources of mineral water that travelers can fill up their canteens and bottles with at each of the wells.

The picturesque countryside always has visitors wanting more and continues to lure many to the abundant wonders that fill the area. There are plenty of outdoor activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Hillwalking, mountain biking and hiking are some of the more enjoyable pastimes visitors participate in. There are also attractions that garner the welcoming sighs of weary travelers along the way. Spas that are situated on the outskirts of Peak District gather attention through pampering visitors.

There are enormous, history touting castles and wondrous, deep caves to explore and museums of local awe while traveling the Peak District. There are also famous villages; one such being the village of Eyam known for self quarantine during the plague. While enjoying the ambiance and the great outdoors take the time to see the sights and join a festival or two.

Festivals and ceremonies welcome visitors with dancing, local music and a variety of homemade food. Also attractive to travelers is the fact that Peak District has been named in several works of literature including Pride and Prejudice and Peveril of the Peak which recounts some portions of the reign of Charles II. The Peak District can also be found in many movies one such being The Princess Bride.