Shopping for Mattresses – Department Stores

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While department stores are the perfect places to shop for groceries, some larger department stores also stock up on mattresses in order to increase the diversity being offered up for sale at the outlet. This is obviously done to attract customers and while it may be a successful strategy in some ways, a lot of people believe that department stores may not be the best place to shop for the perfect mattress. However, there is still a lot of debate on this topic and nothing is conclusive.

First and foremost, one needs to know what type of a mattress would the typical department store stock up on. The answer to that is pretty obvious – a department store would try and stock up on all the important brands available in the market and they will try and increase the diversity or variety available in the store. Of course, the most important brands will all be available in abundance and the chances are that all the different variations under all the brand names will also be put up for sale. However, the department store might not stock up on the smaller brands because that would require a lot of research and investigation to ensure that only the very best of these smaller brands are made available. However, while the larger department stores may make an effort to stock up on the smaller sellers, it is likely that the smaller department stores will not do so (since they might not be able to afford it.)

Moving on, department stores – especially the larger ones – are more likely to offer good discounts to customers since they tend to buy in bulk and can afford the occasional promotional discount that is offered above the already reduced sales price of the mattress. The smaller ones, however, may not be able to afford a bigger discount as they do not usually buy in bulk, despite popular belief. There are some department stores, contrarily, who do not sell mattresses at all and thus do not have to worry about all the hassle!

Now, one has to see how good the sales staff will be when it comes to the mattress department. Nearly eighty to ninety percent chances are that the sales staff will have little to no knowledge about the brands and types being sold since department store sales staff are usually local recruits that take up part time jobs to pass the summer. A great many of them would be summer interns with no interest in what they are doing. The larger department stores may try and invest some time in trying to instill knowledge but even that will not prove to be too helpful for the customers.

So, one can easily conclude that department stores are not the ideal places to shop for mattresses as they do not offer expert opinion (especially if the mattress is required for health reasons) without which a lot can go wrong. It is better it people choose to buy their mattress from specialty shops that can offer professional help.